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About My Library.


A library is a place where people go to find information and read about findings people have already discovered. 

This is my collection of resources and good shit.


The Dewey Decimal System is an organizational standard that most libraries use. It categorizes content by 10 ‘classes’. These classes are then broken down into subclasses and sections. So, if you were researching ‘tropical birds’, you could go to the ‘animals’ corner of the library, find the ‘bird’ section, then find the ‘tropical bird’ shelf, and simply read all the books they had. That’s pretty sweet when you think about it. You had everything you were looking for sorted, ordered, and arranged, all in one quite place. No pop-ups, no buzzfeed, no garbage.

In today’s internet landscape, finding information and credible sources is an ad-relevance, search-dominated, black hole of distractions.

My goal with this blog is to also provide a mini library or archive of great reads and collections over time. Sometimes you read a great article, share it, but it only travels for a week. We’re constantly publishing and republishing the same 7 habits to success or 10 ways of summer dieting. Let’s bring meaningful content back to the longevity it deserves. Great minds have been thinking and expressing thoughts for centuries, let’s build on this progressive knowledge base. Hopefully, you’ll find some good reads here.

Introducing – The Chan-Dewey Decimal System

An adaptation with my own class categorization based on my collection of interests, culture, and modern thought.

This project idea started at the beginning of 2017, content is still being dug up from the depths of bookmarks, favorites, emails and posts. If you’ve got something good you’d like to share let me know!